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Mental health has little to do with intelligence or education. It is about our emotional life, how we feel about ourselves, and the quality of our connections with others.

Clients, too, want to know what their advisers are doing in this space.

The world of professional services creates particular stress, and issues of identity, status, control, due to the unremitting nature of the demands made on individuals.

I worked as a litigation lawyer in the City with Top 25 firms for 17 years. My colleagues ranged from the humane and witty to the most toxic bullies imaginable – including some of my fellow partners. I know how unrelentingly stressful the job can be, and how corrosive. Behind a façade of purpose and control for clients, lawyers often feel a lack of control over their own lives, that they are fighting a losing battle between work and their personal life.

Moreover, encouragement and praise tend to be in short supply. So lawyers become undernourished in that sense. They finish one matter, only to be rewarded with more of the same.

It emphatically does not have to be that way, and I know vividly how coaching/mentoring/therapy has helped me.

I also bring unique ‘client-side’ experience as a claimant in a high-profile High Court action over seven years, two trials, five days personal cross-examination, successfully changing the law on limitation in the process.

I am passionate about helping lawyers at all levels, fortifying resilience, and showing you how to restore confidence and feel more fulfilled, via coaching and/or therapy. I also run in-house therapy and coaching modules in law firms.

I have helped lawyers and other professionals suffering from

• overwork, permanently ‘time poor’, unable to switch off

• loss of confidence, control

• all kinds of addictions

• misery-making relationships at work and personally


Talking about Problems.


Ongoing Discussion.


Solving the Problem.

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